Here at Dynamic Fluid Systems we are able to supply our customers with Casappa brand pumps out of Italy. 

Casappa manufacture a range of aluminium and cast iron gear pumps and motors, or fixed and variable displacement piston pumps that can be used in a wide variety of solutions

Who is Casappa?

Casappa was founded by Roberto Casappa more than 60 years ago, he also produced the first hydraulic gear pump that was used as a spare part for American dumper trucks (GMC, Dodge and Chevrolet) left in Italy at the end of the Second World War. 

“The Golden Pump” was the name it was given upon its rediscovery. Today it is the prize exhibit in the Casappa S.p.A museum

Casappa is a multinational company that is still totally owned by the Casappa family, in its third generation. 

They design and build their main components of a hydraulic system with passion and care in the details.