Credit Application Forms 2021

Please ensure you choose the correct form for the correct branch.

Please save and print this form to apply for a Credit Account for Dynamic Fluid Systems International Ltd or Dynamic Fluid Systems (Napier).

Once you have filled this in please send it back to us by email, fax or mail.

Details can be found on our Contact Page.

*Please Note: Freight Companies, and companies associated with everyday trading (power, phone, etc) are not accepted for trading references, please ensure ALL of your trading references will provide one for you to avoid further delays with your account application. Please also be aware that if we cannot reach a trading reference after 3 separate attempts your account may be delayed further while we ask you to provide another trading reference for your application. We endeavour to advise you of your application outcome within 7 working days of receiving your forms. Please also ensure that you have read our terms of trade and also terms and conditions as signing the application form and sending back to us means that you have accepted these terms. Please also make sure that you have selected the correct application form for the correct branch.