Onsite and Offsite Testing


Is that pump not quite performing as it used to?

Has the accuracy of that proportional valve dropped?

Would testing help ensure that your store stock is functioning in case of a failure?

Offsite Testing – Building your confidence in your components

Dynamic Fluid Systems provides a wide range of on and offsite testing options to help analyse faults in machines to help you get them back up and running as soon as possible and making you money.

We are capable of testing pumps, motors, cylinders, proportional valves and much more. Our in house testing equipment can provide you with all of the information you need to ensure that your systems are running efficiently, and the same as when you brought it.

Our in house testing units are designed to give accurate results. This is critical of high accuracy dependent devices such as proportional devices. Performance matters and with the increasing inclusion of PLC’s and automation, you need reliable components otherwise you are just throwing away your money.

We provide detailed performance reports on the tested equipment when requested, and can also recommend solutions to any failures in the component. We are here to provide you with the knowledge and assurance so that you can have complete confidence in your systems.


Onsite Testing – We want the best for your system

We provide on site testing, we are able to ensure that faults are limited to the identified component therefore ensuring that our services are provided in a cost effective manner. We are also able to identify other components that have potential to fail so that you can plan downtime to work for you.

We can also ensure that all of your components are setup correctly and correct any deviations.

If your hydraulic systems need testing, contact our friendly staff at either of our offices today!

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