Onsite or Offsite Service and Repair


RepairsDo yoRed Question MarkJPGu have a leaking pump?

Does your hydraulic cylinder lack the performance that it had when you installed it?

Has your production line come to a grinding halt?


With over 70 years of experience in service and repair, we will be able to find that fault and solve it for you quickly and efficiently.

We have access to a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic parts with quick lead times so we can minimise that costly downtime for you.

We keep you informed throughout the whole process, and will provide you with the knowledge for you to make the correct decisions should the need arise. If a component needs replacing, we will work with you to provide the best solution that is also cost effective.

With our in house testing equipment, we are able to diagnose your fault to provide you with fast and efficient service. We can provide detailed reports on your faults and also keep a history of your service and repair faults so that we can provide options to minimise costly downtime in the future.

From replacing the seals on a pump or cylinder to diagnosing a fault in your hydraulic system, we have the knowledge and experience to get your equipment back up and running, so it is doing its job of making you money!

To find out more or to organise a service technician to come visit you please contact one of our offices today and get that machine back up and running!


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