Castrol Oil

At Dynamic Fluid Systems we stock Castrol Oil as we try to bring you the most up to date reliable products and services.

High quality mineral oil based hydraulic fluid for industrial equipment including injection moulding plus a wide range of machinery including but not limited to:


Machine Tools (CNC Machines)

Certain gearboxes

Bearing lubrication systems

and many more applications requiring an oil with good anti-wear and anti-oxidant properties.

Some of the most popular oils from the Hydraulic Range include:

Castrol Hyspin AWS 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100- Available in 20L or 205L ( AWS 46 also available in 3x 4L Packs and 1000L)

High Quality mineral oil based hydraulic fluid where the natural properties are enhanced by the incorporation of zinc anti-wear additives along with additives for anti-corrosion, antioxidation and anti foam.

Castrol Hysol X – Available in 205L

A multi purpose, chlorine free, soluble cutting oil designed to be used with ferrous and aluminium materials. This product replaces the now discontinued Hysol GS CF

Castrol Aircol PD 32, 46, 68, 100 & 150 – Available in 18L (PD 100 Only) 20L, 205L or 208L for PD 150

Mineral oil based rust, oxidation & antiwear inhibited lubricant for use in both screw and reciprocating compressors.

Castrol Alpha SP 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 and 460 – Available in 20L or 205L (SP 100 only in 205L)

A mineral industrial gear oil with a sulphur phosphorous based additive system offering excellent extreme pressure properties.

Castrol Alphasyn EP 220, 320 and 460 – Available in 20L

A synthetic extreme pressure gear oil formulated with PAO Base oils. Designed for heavy duty and shock loaded applications and where high operating temperatures are encountered.

Castrol Anvol WG 46 – Available in 205L

Water glycol based fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed for systems running within high potential fire risk areas. Max pump pressure of 3500 PSI.

Castrol FGH AW 32 and 46 – Available in 19L

A food grade hydraulic oil with advanced anti wear agents and rust inhibiting additives. FGH-AW is recommended for fixed plant and mobile equipment and is an excellent general purpose hydraulic oil where extended drain intervals are required.

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