Filtration Group (Prev Mahle)

Mahle Filters Group

Mahle Industrial Filtration is now under new ownership with Filtration Group. Together they are now known as Filtration Group GmbH. Over time this will also show on their products, but in the meantime they will still show as Mahle. 

We are the SOLE New Zealand Agents for Filtration Group (Mahle) Industrial Filters and Breathers

(We do not stock or supply automotive oil filters)

We stock a large range of spin on, pressure and return filters and housings for all of your filtration needs.

Filtration Group (Mahle) has a proven record in filtration systems throughout the world and as such we are very proud to have been chosen to represent them in New Zealand.

Filtration Group (Mahle) are constantly striving to produce more efficient and innovative filter systems and we at Dynamic Fluid Systems are there at the fore front of their technical developments.

From the supply of the filter system that you need for your equipment to system analysis and constant monitoring of your hydraulic equipment.

With our State of the Art condition monitoring equipment, we can get to the heart of a problem BEFORE it causes you loss of machinery, running time and costly repairs.

We have a large range of different filters and components in stock so Contact Us today to see if we have what you are looking for!

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