Triple R (RRR) Filtration

Dynamic Fluid Systems is the New Zealand Distributor for Triple R Oil Cleaners and Filtration.

We can provide you with solutions to all of your oil cleaning needs. With Triple R, we can design and install hydraulic oil cleaning solutions that will allow you to reuse and recycle your existing hydraulic oil, saving you money and helping the environment.

We can provide systems for your own oil cleaning system, or you can utilize our own in house oil cleaning.

Triple R is the next generation in oil filtration, they produce oil filtration systems with just 1 goal in mind – Perfectly Clean Oil! 

Their Oil Cleaners and Filtration Products are efficient and economical with guaranteed results, driving RELIABILITY UP and COSTS DOWN AND OUT. Socially responsible solutions with high environmental and operational benefit.


Major manufacturers worldwide, today utilize and install TRIPLE R solutions as standard equipment – a true endorsement of the efficiency of TRIPLE R products! Discover what perfectly clean oil is really like and the high benefits this carries.

Triple R filters are constructed from specially engineered cellulose media, wound around a central supporting core. (Kind of like a toilet paper roll as our customers remember these filters by)

The combination of Triple R’s special cellulose material and the thickness of the element allows the absorption of water and sludge. The lower part of the element is compressed by a cardboard ring, creating an even finer final filter medium.

The filter design allows the oil to flow under pressure through 114mm of engineered media with 3 distinct stages of filtration and water absorption.

FIRST STAGE > Big particles are retained on the top of the filter

SECOND STAGE > Small particles are trapped in the mid-stage of the filter element

THIRD STAGE > The smallest particles are trapped in the lower and compressed part of the filter.

A card sleeve compresses the lower part of the element to increase the density and a non-woven cloth protects the base and stops particle migration.

Importantly, the cellulose media allows water absorption of up to 200 millilitres within the filter, reducing the water concentration in oil to less than 100 parts per million.

Equally noteworthy is the efficiency of the filter media in removing resins, metals and oxidation products, all of which are extremely damaging to close tolerance components.

This makes Triple R Bypass Filters an all in one OIL CLEANING devices, and not just oil filters!