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For more than a decade , Oilsafe® has been the oil transfer management system preferred by leading companies around the world. People often go to great lengths to preserve the quality of their oil only to contaminate it by using filthy containers , pouring it through a dirty funnel or inadvertently mixing it with different oils.

The color coded range of Oilsafe® containers provide:
> A fully sealing unit that prevents contaminants from getting into the oil
> Easier dispensing without the need for secondary tools such as funnels
> Colour coding and integration with Oilsafe® identification products to prevent cross contamination and misapplication of oils.

With 5 different lid types designed to fit each of the 5 different drum sizes, you can mix and match the components to build heavy duty durable containers that will meet your oil transfer requirements.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT suitable for fuels or solvents and colour variations may vary from the images.*

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